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Free scientific calculator for Windows

Thanks to

In this section I will mention people, who in some way helped to develop or improve Kalkules. If you would also like to contribute or have an idea how to make Kalkules better, or if you find a bug, feel free to contact me.


Spooky Creating the programs icon and skin, coming up with the name


Mikhail Rogozhin, Vasya Ivanov, Viktor Fyodorov Russian translation
Vittorio Bianco Italian translation
Pierre-Yves Baumann French translation
Karel, Jan Verheijen Dutch translation
Uwe Reisinger, Christina Reisinger German translation
Diqiuyi Chinese translation
Josef Pavlík Czech translation
Zsolt Nemeth Hungarian translation
Bonsai Ukrainian translation
Wasilis Mandratzis Greek translation
Marek Olczak Polish translation
Andres Fulco Spanish translation
Falcon Turkish translation


(reporting bugs, suggesting new functions, ...)

Jocto, Palo0904, Pebls, Ivan, Martin, Pierre Panissod, Wendy, Calella, Franz H.

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